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Player's Reach Foundation is dedicated to drafting the most successful community leaders to mentor Austin's youth into successful, future leaders!

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2020 Toys for Joy!

December 19th, 7:30 - 9:30 AM

Our 2nd Annual Event is back on this year. Despite Covid, we want to ensure the youth of Austin have a spectacular Holiday season and gain an understanding of the power of community and giving back. To learn more, visit 2020 Toys for Joy! To donate, click the  "Donate" button below. Any amount helps to ensure these kids have a memorable season! Click here for more information! We APPRECIATE ALL your support!

Thanksgiving Meal Drive


Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many workers in the Austin's hospitality industry have been affected by closures and layoffs. So, this year, Player's Reach is partnering with Austin Shift Meal, who is dedicated to providing these individuals with meals so that no one goes hungry.​


How can you help?

Although food donations, prep and pick-up is limited for safety reasons, Austin Shift Meal is 

accepting monetary sponsorships and donations from suppliers, businesses, and individuals who wish to help.


How does your donation help?

Sponsorships go to our restaurant partners to help offset their costs as they take care of our industry family during these difficult times.
For example, every $400 sponsorship received, a restaurant will be able to produce 70 meals.

Where to Donate?

Donate directly at Austin Shift Meal 

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